Currently in Beta

Nozzle flex plugin for SAP2000

Quickly get flexibilities of piping branches and equipment nozzles 

  • Calculates nozzle flexibilities (radial, longitudinal & circumferential)

  • Can be used for vessel or tank nozzles and piping branch flexibility

  • US or SI units

  • 90 degree branches

  • Angled branches

  • Hillside nozzles

  • With or without reinforcing pad

  • With or without header cut-out

  • Can use the FEA model for further modelling in SAP2000 if desired

90 deg branch
90 degree branch
45 degree branch
Angled branch
Hillside nozzle (with re-pad)
FEA output graphic
Output graphics


  • SIF calculation

  • Nozzles on heads

  • Trunnions on bends


SAP2000 is the leading structural analysis and FEA package by Computers and Structures, Inc (CSi). You can run the plugin on the lowest license-tier of SAP2000.

The branch plugin is created and supported by Xtrados Pty Ltd. We have a history of writing software and add-ons for piping engineers. Xtrados is not affiliated with CSi.

Get in touch to Beta test or try it out.