Pipe Stress

Critical line assessment and troubleshooting

Your critical piping systems are the lifeblood of your facility, so their safe operation is paramount to your plant and people. When any of the following are causing you concern, call on us for expert assistance –

  • Increasing throughput safely
  • Vibration problems
  • Lifting operating pipework for refurbishment
  • Piping operating with defects
  • Rotating equipment piping
  • Wellhead flowlines
  • Subsea skid pipework
  • Risers
  • Pipelines
  • Cyclic line fatigue
  • Dynamic loading such as wave, blast, slug and surge

Our engineers have extensive experience in helping clients solve the hard problems when it comes to piping engineering and stress analysis.  Let us help you solve your issue too.

insulated pipes

 Minor Modifications

We design and manage brownfield modifications with our overriding aim being to minimise plant disruption while satisfying project objectives. For us and most importantly for our clients, that means getting it right first time. Our team specialises in the brownfields environment and has seen firsthand the negative consequences of design and construction mistakes – therefore we are particularly attuned to this need.

We offer detailed piping survey, layout and design through an experienced and responsive team. We can bring to your project this experience gained from executing projects across the entire spectrum of facilities and scopes including debottlenecking, brownfield expansions & modifications, operations support and maintenance activities specific to the piping/mechanical discipline.

Acoustic Vibration Service

We can assist during FEED and detailed design to help get this important aspect of your plant right. We employ our own software which has been used for years by top-tier clients for flare system vibration checks. We can customise the checks performed as required to account for client preferences. Where necessary we can also employ FEA for advanced assessment of critical components.

Flow Induced Vibration

We have experience in both design stage prevention of FIV and in taming vibrating lines that may be hampering production. We can assist with or direct field vibration measurements, model the piping system and calibrate our dynamic model against the field readings. We can then calculate likelihood of fatigue failure and specify new restraints to bring the pipe back under control. See this article for a more in-depth discussion.