Finite Element Analysis

We conduct FEA for various critical applications in piping, pipelines and pressure vessels. This may be for a new non-standard design, or a fitness for service check on existing equipment. Here we provide selected samples of our work.

API 650 tanks can be susceptible to wind-induced buckling. FEA modelling was used to determine the  critical wind pressure for this tank and assess sensitivity to wind girder corrosion.

We analysed a proposed anchor block for a large diameter hot pipeline. We determined modifications required to meet the code and finalise the design.

We designed a mounting frame for a custom pipe support application. We ensured that critical requirements for stiffness and fatigue resistance were met via use of FEA. 

pump motor mountA larger replacement motor was required for a vertical pump on an FPSO. We checked the mounting frame displacements and stresses under vessel accelerations and cyclonic wind loads.

Calculation of force holding down pipeline due to geotextile blanket overlay.

We conducted fitness for service on a crude oil tank with annular corrosion.

This model view shows the lift-off of the floor plate that occurs when the tank wall bulges under hydrostatic pressure. The outer annular plate is subject to high stress and plastic hinging.

FEA of pipe flangeWe have analysed various critical flanges for problems such as leakage or overstress due to bending or thermal shock.

FEA model of corroded pipeWe have analysed various corrosion defects in pipes to determine expected burst pressure and safe margin for operation.

This frame supported a turbine rotor (not shown) and needed to be designed for accelerations due to offshore transportation.

SE head deformation - longitudinal bending (Mecway)We calculate stiffness and stress intensification of vessel nozzles for pipe stress analysis using our SAP 2000 plugin. This has been verified by comparison of results in general purpose FEA software.