We help Energy companies assess and mitigate pipe integrity concerns.

Do you have problem piping causing you headaches?

We help clients know whether they can safely stay online when Corrosion bites - in one case we achieved a positive result with less than 27% of Code thickness remaining locally. We deliver fast answers with our fitness for service and streamlined FEA reports, and even faster using our proprietary LEVEL 2.5 method for local corrosion assessment which aims to cover the gaps in API 579.

Lifting live pipework - we assist Operators with detailed procedures, calculation methods and assessments which allow safe lifting and refurbishment of operating pipes.

Vibration due to increases in flowrate or poor design - we have firsthand experience in helping operators successfully debottleneck plant or enact temporary high flow rate operations.

Fatigue analysis - we carry out detailed stress analysis and fatigue assessment for life extension projects. We have designed and helped implement ongoing fatigue monitoring software.

"Delivered Reliability to Project Outcomes"

I have worked with Martin [Principal at Xtrados] on many occasions and found him to have extensive expertise in pipe stress analysis, dynamic vibration analysis, transient flow, and other related integrity assessment that has contributed in streamlining the work procedure and delivered reliability to project outcomes.

Hieu Tran, Senior/Lead Mechanical Engineer at KRISO, ex Clough/Amec, BP

"System proven to provide useful data"

Xtrados assisted to create our automated pipeline fatigue monitoring product in 2010 and also assisted a recent review of the past 7 years of data, some fine tuning recommendations were actioned and the automated system was given a clean bill of health as it was proven to provide useful data that will be required in future years.

Bruno Lanciano, Pipeline & Power Station Manager at ERM Power

Case Study

Sakhalin Energy had concerns with potential leakage or overstress due to loading on a marine flange connection. We modelled the connecting pipework and assessed the flange connection for the maximum loads. As part of the process we defined the recommended bolt tensions which would lead to a safe joint without damaging the flange or gasket. The result was a successful outcome for the client who achieved a leak-free joint and a better understanding of the safety margins involved.

flanged spool

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