X313 Excel Add-in


Do you enjoy looking up material strengths?

stressed office worker..and how about class pressure ratings ? Followed by interpolations and conversions to get the figures at particular temperatures ? How about trying to make a solution with look-up tables and a few different materials ? Sure it can be done if you’re up for a coding challenge and a little hair-pulling.

This may work well enough on one project, but what happens on the next job, or the one after that ? Let’s assume for a minute that our intrepid piping engineer is aware of the earlier spreadsheet prepared. They then need to hunt around to find it, and hope that it’s the right version. Next they need to re-purpose just the desired part of that spreadsheet into their new spreadsheet without breaking things. Also they’d better hope there are no mistakes in the previous data (was every cell checked or just a few ?). For any new changes and additions, they need to try and understand the complicated coding in the existing spreadsheet.

happy workers

Now contrast this..

..to the situation where Excel gives you the data you need using one simple formula.

X313 is the Excel add-in that lets you improve the reliability and speed of preparing your piping engineering spreadsheets. Now you can easily get Code data and do the usual calculations without manually looking up data or using cumbersome tables in your spreadsheets.

view of x313 Excel add-in put to use
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With X313 you get the following functions in your spreadsheets:

  • Allowable stress for any ASME B31.3 material and temperature
  • Class rating for any B16.5 material group and temperature
  • Outer Diameter lookup for B36.10/19 piping
  • Wall thickness lookup for B36.10/19 piping
  • Pressure thickness calculation to B31.3
  • Minimum thickness accounting for corrosion and mill tolerance
  • Lorenz factor calculation for bends
  • Wall thickness selector that chooses the right schedule for a given minimum wall

Some of these calculations may be pretty basic, but we can tell you we’ve seen them done wrong many times. By having these available as a spreadsheet function, it cuts out the room for error and saves you the hassle of writing the formula.

Video – Get Started Quickly

See how easy it is to quickly get allowable stress and flange rating for different temperatures and lay out a quick pipe spec calculation. This is using the complementary lite version of the add-in.


Video – Get Allowable Stress for any Material in B31.3 Table A-1

How to pick out any piping material in the Table (including the correct size range), do a thickness calc and select the right schedule automatically.



Licenses can be purchased from our online store. A substantial part of the price for each license will go to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the publishers of ASME B31.3.

The license includes updates for 12 months after purchase. Updates for the following 12 months will be available at 40% off the regular price. This will not normally include an update to the next Code edition.  However for anyone purchasing now, they will receive a free upgrade to the 2016 edition of ASME B31.3 (released on 30 January 2017). This upgrade to X313 is expected to be available shortly. Currently X313 has material data from the 2014 edition.


We offer a 14-day money back guarantee for X313. Together with the unrestricted 14-day trial this gives you 4 weeks to evaluate the add-in. Should you have difficulties or encounter potential bugs, please contact us to resolve the issue.


Documentation is available here.

Download X313 Available Now!

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